Cabinets Of Curiosity

We were invited to design the set for Thomas Erber’s exhibition, ‘Cabinets of Curiosity’, hosted by Maison Kitsune. 40 designers each created one-off pieces exclusively for the show. Inspiration came from traditional Victorian cabinets of curiosity. We referenced the shape of the cabinets but made them in outlines of raw steel. We then made 60 hand-blown glass bell jars, which each housed a unique sculpture. We asked all our friends / workshops / suppliers for their remnants of the design / making process lying around on their studio floors – in boxes of odds and ends. It was from this assortment that we made our assemblages. We wanted to highlight the process of design and use that to hold the exhibition together conceptually. The exhibition was on for a period of three weeks in Soho, New York.

  • Concept
  • Set Design
  • Fabrication, Production and Installation Management